Meet Lori Lockemy, our Founder

Master Coach I Entrepreneur I Author I Speaker

THE DESIRE OF LORI’s HEART is to activate others to move forward & be who God created them to be.  With pure tenacity, Lori inspires, motivate and challenges individuals toward their passion.

Being in full-time ministry for 20+ yrs,  Lori has spoken to all ages focusing on Leaders, Women and Students.  Drawing from her life experiences of overcoming THREE bouts of cancer, infertility, and abuse Lori shows that God continually turns our


As a wife, mom, and entrepreneur Lori speaks with authority to our identity in Christ, spiritual gifts and purpose.  For the past 10+yrs,  Lori continues to coach CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners in addition to families, individuals, as well as training other coaches through her own Coaching Practice!

Lori is a motivator, teacher, pastor, and coach who excels in Business, Relationship, and Life Coaching. Holding an Ordination of Ministry through the Church of God she pastors youth, teens, adults, and families.  She specializes in Business, Relationship, and Life Coaching and is certified through the IICC and FWI.  Lori and her husband, Chris have a daughter named London and together they planted a thriving church in Baltimore City called Epic.  She recently accepted the position of Personal Development Director for local non-profit CityFam.  She is the owner and founder of The Focus Life Group.

Lori is a strong survivor. In 2009 she faced her first battle with cancer and won. All the while, she was starting to see her Life Coaching clients benefit from her proven system and the positive impact she was having in their lives to become the best versions of themselves.


In 2014, Lori discovered a return of cancer when going through fertility treatment. While going through alternative “mistletoe treatment” in Durango, Colorado in 2015, she saw the success of varying types of wellness techniques with different practitioners to fight her cancer.  She thought why not apply the same principle to her coaching business—she developed a system addressing the 6 areas of life in her Life Wheel to achieve balance in all areas of life.  This is where she first saw the vision for Focus Life Group.

She went into remission but in 7 months, the cancer came back in 3 places.  This is the first time she ever felt unsure of the future.  After chemo and radiation, she endured a miraculous healing. She quickly realized that she needed to take the steps to train other coaches to apply the same principles and techniques that she uses and she started The University under the NICC.

Fast forward to 2018 and the cancer came back. Lori never gave up and overcame it again through perseverance. At this point, she was even more determined than ever to train coaches and hand-pick her choice of coaches to form The Focus Life Group. Her and her team have been changing lives ever since.


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