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Our Coaches focus on the six major areas of your life - relationships, emotions, finances, career, spirituality, and lifestyle & wellness. In the these major areas of life we co-develop a unique vision, goals, and provide accountability to get there. 

We know that on the path to creating the life you desire, roadblocks will arise. Through tools, techniques, and exercise our Coaches will help turn those roadblocks into stepping stones.   

Our Coaches meet in a variety of times and ways - weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly, as well as in-person, through Zoom, and via telephone. Our Coaches want to make reaching your goals obtainable. 

All of our Coaches are certified and trained Life Coaches, but they each have niches, or focus areas. You can meet them here. 

We provide niche coaching in the following areas:

  • Family

  • Christian

  • Inner Healing

  • Wellness

  • Pastors and Executives

  • Public Speaking/ Communication

  • Relationship

  • Family & Children with Special Needs

  • Style and Image

  • Transition

  • Wealth Management

  • Business

  • Church Growth